What is a roadworthy?

A vehicle considered roadworthy is one that has been checked and approved for use on the roads of Tasmania, having passed a rigorous inspection by a reputed auto repairer for faults and issues that could endanger the driver and other road users.

A vehicle requires a vehicle roadworthy inspection if:

  • it's been fitted with a non standard engine
  • its construction has been changed (e.g. change to length of wheelbase, or the vehicle has been converted from a sedan to a convertible)
  • it's a bus with seating for 10 or more
  • it's been issued with a defect notice
  • it's been imported from overseas
  • it was originally manufactured as left hand drive
  • it's been rebuilt from parts and is a hot rod, beach buggy, etc.
  • it's been changed and the seating capacity is different
  • it's a repaired written-off vehicle 
  • it was registered in another state (trailers registered in another state are also required to be inspected)

Evans Tyre & Servicing offers an affordable vehicle inspection service for drivers throughout southern Tasmania. As an approved inspection station, we're qualified to carry out vehicle inspections on passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles up to 4.5 tonnes. For more information on exactly what a vehicle roadworthy inspection entails, please check this fact sheet, or proceed to the Tasmanian Government website.

To get a roadworthy:

  • Book your vehicle in for a roadworthy inspection (RWC) by giving us a call on (03) 6297 9933 or sending us an email via our contact page.
  • Bring your car in for the inspection along with any paperwork you have for the vehicle. A licensed vehicle tester will assess your car, the process normally takes 2 hours.
  • If the vehicle passes the inspection a roadworthy certificate will be issued.
  • If vehicle fails the first inspection, we will provide a list of items that will need to be rectified for the certificate to be issued. We will also provide you with a quote of the repair costs required. If the vehicle has rust or damage to structural sections you may be required to have the vehicle assessed by an approved motor body repair inspection station for further repair and inspection.
  • Repairs are to be carried out and vehicle re-presented within 30 days. Repairs can be carried out by our fully trained mechanics or a mechanic of your choosing.
  • Make a booking for a re-inspection.
  • If the repairs are satisfactory, a roadworthy certificate will be issued.
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