Logbook Servicing

To maintain your new vehicle's warranty, you're often asked by the dealership to bring your vehicle back to them for its regular logbook servicing. In truth, any reputable workshop such as Evans Tyres & Servicing can conduct these logbook services, keeping your warranty and your peace of mind intact without having to take your vehicle back to the dealer.

Evans Tyres & Servicing can conduct logbook servicing on a broad range of new vehicles, from petrol and diesel passenger cars to light commercial utes and vans. We also offer free roadside help with your service on all vehicles under 3 tonnes, just for being a loyal customer.

If you have a scheduled service coming up, contact us today for a booking.

Tyre Sales & Fitting

As the local Maxxis Tyres dealer, Evans Tyres & Servicing stock a wide range of tyres for all makes and models of vehicle. We can supply, fit and balance new tyres for your car, van, ute, truck, mower or tractor from our base of operations in Geeveston.

With each purchase we can also provide Maxxis Tyres' Max Coverage package for complete peace of mind, including a 30-day replacement guarantee, 2-year road hazard warranty, and 2 years of complimentary roadside assistance.

Contact us if you're in need of some new tyres, at our workshop or at the roadside.

Fleet Vehicle Servicing

We understand that a company vehicle can be a business' lifeblood, and that every day it's off the road is a day it's not earning you money. 

That's why we offer all our services to business owners' fleet vehicles, complete with keeping a vehicle's full service history and backing from major fleet management partners including Fleet Partners, SGFleet, EPAC, Motor Charge, Motor Pass, LendLease and LeasePlan.

Contact us today to learn what unique services we can offer your business.


Whether you have a new device to install into your centre console, issues with lighting or indicators, or a dashboard warning light you don't understand, our workshop has the tools and knowhow to diagnose auto-electrical faults in your vehicle, solving problems with central locking, power steering, ABS and SRS systems and other body electrical wiring.

We can also conduct auto-electrical work on boats, caravans and agricultural machinery. If there's a problem with your vehicle's electrics, contact us today for a diagnosis and quote.

Wheels, Suspension & Steering

Problems in your vehicle's suspension and steering can drastically affect the way your vehicle handles on the road, and the overall ride comfort of your vehicle. We at Evans Tyres & Servicing can repair and replace trouble spots in your vehicle's steering and suspension systems, to make your vehicle steer more responsively and ensure a smoother ride.

Contact us today for for a check of your car's steering and suspension.

Brakes & Exhausts

Your vehicle's brakes are your vehicle's most important safety feature, and often the one most subjected to wear and tear. It's important to keep your brakes in good condition.

We at Evans Tyres & Servicing can repair and replace components in your brakes that may be affecting your vehicle's stopping power, swapping in new brake pads, discs and drums as required. If you think your brakes might not be up to scratch, contact us for a booking today.

Other Services

Evans Tyres & Servicing's dedicated team of technicians can offer customers a range of mechanical repairs for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, caravans and trailers as appropriate. In addition to our other services, we can offer:

  • Manual or automatic transmissions serviced
  • Radiators and cooling systems serviced
  • Petrol or common-rail diesel engine reconditioning, head gasket repaired or replaced, fuel injection systems and pumps cleaned and repaired
  • Batteries and windscreens repaired or replaced 

We're able to conduct work on a wide range of vehicles, from passenger cars and light commercial vehicles to boats, caravans, trailers and farm machinery. Contact us to make a booking for your vehicle or trailer today.

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